9 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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AI Headshot Generator

When getting professional headshots at the studio is too expensive or time-consuming, there’s another option. With an AI headshot generator, you can create your own headshot image to use for your profile picture, ID photo, or professional image.

An AI tool doesn't work quite the same way as a real person taking your photo, but an AI headshot generator can still give you a great image that you can create in minutes. We put together nine headshot generators you can use to get a professional-level result faster using your own selfies.

What Is an AI Headshot Generator?

AI Headshot Generator: Using AI Technology to Create Realistic Images. AI headshot generator apps and platforms leverage advanced AI technology to generate images that closely resemble photographs. These platforms allow users to upload their own photos, which the AI utilizes to generate new images in various styles based on the capabilities of the platform. This AI-driven process offers users the opportunity to explore different artistic styles and create realistic and visually appealing images.

An AI headshot generator uses AI technology to create images that look like photographs. With these apps and platforms, you can upload photos of yourself for the AI to use to generate a new image in different styles, depending on what the platform allows.

The AI identifies your features using these photos and produces completely new images. Many AI headshot generators let you choose styles from their platforms, so you can put on a suit, even if you don’t actually own one. Then, you can use your headshot for your ID, resume, website, or social platforms.

How Does an AI Headshot Generator Work?

An AI headshot generator analyzes photos you upload of yourself to the platform. The algorithm then generates a new image based on the photos to give you a realistic image. Over time, the algorithm trains itself using the images fed into it to refine its generation process and produce more accurate images.

How To Choose the Best AI Headshot Generator App

Your AI headshot generator app should give you high-quality images, first and foremost. The images should look accurate to your original photos, both in terms of your facial features and in creating a clear, clean image.

The best AI headshot generator should have a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface. PhotoDirector doesn’t require any special photo editing knowledge, and you can easily find its AI image generator tool from the launch screen.

Consider your app’s pricing, too. Most apps don’t offer their AI generation tools for free, but you should be able to either try them or get them for a reasonable cost. PhotoDirector, for example, offers a special discount on its AI headshot tool for premium members to make it easier for more people to access the feature.

5 Best AI Headshot Generators for iPhone & Android

1. PhotoDirector: Best for Generating Headshots for a Variety of Platforms

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.8/4.5

Key Features:

PhotoDirector is one of the most multifaceted AI headshot generator apps. Not only does it have the AI Headshot generator that produces professional look headshot, it also provides an AI outfit generator, avatar maker, portrait tool, and ID photo maker, allowing you to generate headshots in multiple styles. Moreover, with the portrait tool, you can refine your images by reshaping your face, applying makeup, removing blemishes and wrinkles, etc.


PhotoDirector's AI Headshot feature enables the creation of polished headshots from your photos. Offering various background styles such as gray, white, wall, and office, it ensures a professional backdrop for any occasion. Additionally, it effortlessly dresses you in professional outfits, eliminating the need to spend time acquiring formal wear.

AI Avatar Maker

Creating AI Headshots with PhotoDirector's AI Avatar Generator. PhotoDirector's AI Avatar generator serves as the initial step in creating your new AI headshot. With over 30 avatar styles to choose from, you can select up to 10 styles at a time to generate your unique image. PhotoDirector's AI technology generates a collection of AI images that you can save and use according to your preferences. This feature provides users with a versatile and customizable approach to creating AI headshots and offers a range of options for expressing their desired style and aesthetic.

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar generator is another amazing tool for creating your new AI headshot. With it, you can choose from 30+ avatar styles and select up to 10 at a time to generate your image. PhotoDirector will create a collection of AI images you can save and use how you want!

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature also works in the background, so you can use other apps while waiting for the platform to generate your AI headshots. PhotoDirector will notify you when it’s done, and you can discover what it’s made for you!

Learn More about AI Avatars:

AI Portrait Tool

Enhancing Your AI Professional Headshot with PhotoDirector's AI Portrait Feature. With PhotoDirector's AI Portrait feature, you can achieve a stunning complexion in your AI professional headshot. This face editing app allows you to remove blemishes, wrinkles, and eye bags for a flawless look. Additionally, you can selectively adjust different areas of your face, such as making your nose smaller, enlarging your eyes, or refining your jawline. This AI-driven portrait editing feature provides users with the tools to enhance their headshots and achieve their desired appearance with precision and customization.

With the AI Portrait feature, you can remove blemishes, wrinkles, and eye bags for a stunning complexion in your AI professional headshot. The face editing app lets you select different areas of your face to change, whether you want to make your nose a little smaller, make your eyes larger, or adjust your jawline.

PhotoDirector also has portrait retouch tools to refine your features and clear your skin. The AI can instantly apply concealer or remove oiliness by detecting blemishes or shiny areas in your image.

Learn More about Photo Retouching:

ID Photo Maker

Editing ID Photos with PhotoDirector's ID Photo Feature. PhotoDirector's ID photo feature allows users to easily edit their next ID photo without requiring professional editing skills. By uploading a photo, users can utilize PhotoDirector's ID image size templates and background removal feature to create their desired ID picture. The feature also provides the option to select a new background color, including solid white and neutrals, to ensure compliance with ID photo requirements. This user-friendly and versatile ID photo editing feature offered by PhotoDirector simplifies the process of creating acceptable and personalized ID photos.

You don’t need to be a pro to edit your next ID photo with PhotoDirector’s ID photo feature. Upload your photo and turn it into your next ID picture using PhotoDirector’s ID image size templates and background removal feature. It even lets you select a new background color, including solid white and neutrals, to create an acceptable ID photo.

Learn More about ID Photo Apps:

2. Vivid AI: Best for Dressing Up Fashion Outfits and Items

Key Features:

Vivid AI stands as an all-encompassing AI Art generator. It secures its position as the second-choice AI headshot generator thanks to its potent AI capabilities. With just a few of your photos, Vivid AI crafts numerous polished, adaptable, and fashionable headshots, guaranteeing you an abundance of choices.

Vivid AI's AI Outfit feature excels in generating fashion-related content. It offers an array of clothing styles for selection. For a formal headshot, you can opt for the "class suit" option, letting Vivid AI dress you in a professional ensemble. To add accessories, explore the "Best Fashion Items" feature, choosing items like "Glasses," "Earrings," or "Necklace" to add charm to your headshot.

3. Canva: Best for Editing Generated Headshots

Canva has impressive AI headshot options and goes beyond simply generating a new image. It lets you edit your images for a better result, and you can choose your design based on the platform or document you’re using your headshot for. Once it generates your headshot, use its Magic Edit tool to refine it and describe the clothing you want so it looks like your style.

4. Mayo Studio: Best for Studio-Quality Headshots from an App

Mayo Studio is the best app for getting striking headshots with vibrant colors and black-and-white images with depth. The realistic AI headshot generator has many styles to choose from, with backgrounds for any purpose. The app only needs a few portrait shots of you to generate new images that look like you had them done at a studio.

5. Fotor: Best for Custom Business Attire in Your Headshots

Fotor works as an AI professional headshot generator for everything from business profiles to social media. The app turns portrait photos you upload into a new headshot with photorealistic accuracy, complete with business clothing. It lets you choose how many headshots you generate and has high-quality save options for a clean and clear image.

4 Best Online AI Headshot Generators

1. Aragon AI: Best for Website Team Page Headshots

Aragon AI gives you over 200 headshots to choose from, which it creates from only 12 photos of you. It’s much cheaper than studio images, and while it does take longer than headshot apps like PhotoDirector, the images you get are crisp and professional-looking. They work especially well for professional headshots that you’d put on a client-facing website or resume.

2. StudioShot: Best for Matching Your Headshot to Your Job

StudioShot has styles suited for your specific profession, so you can match your headshot to the type of job you have or want. Professional photographers created these styles, and the images the platform generates include little details that offer a more natural look. StudioShot generates over 50 headshots for you to choose from, though it’s a little more expensive compared to other platforms for what you get.

3. ProPhotos: Best for Total Headshot Customization

ProPhotos lets you use casual Instagram photos to turn yourself into a business professional. Its platform takes a few hours to train itself to recreate your face, but by the end, you will have an impressive collection of images you can use on LinkedIn for more views and to make a good first impression with your resume. You can even customize your headshot when it’s done!

4. AI SuitUp: Best for Fast and Professional Headshots

AI SuitUp gives you 100 headshots in under an hour, making it one of the fastest platforms around. Then, you can choose the best one to use for your LinkedIn profile, team page, or resume. Your headshots reflect your personal style, and AI SuitUp is one of the more affordable options. It only needs 16 photos of you to create your next professional image.

How To Create Professional AI Headshots with the Best Headshot Generator

1. Download PhotoDirector and Tap “AI Headshot”


PhotoDirector stands out as the top option for creating AI Headshots due to its complete set of tools, multiple styles to choose, intuitive interface, and exceptional outcomes. Get the app and begin by accessing 'AI Headshot' to experience its full capabilities.

2. Select Styles


Select your gender and tailor your choices to suit your preferences. Females can pick from three distinct outfit styles, while males have two options. Once the outfit style is chosen, you can further customize your selection by picking from a variety of background styles.

3. Upload a Photo and Wait for Your Upgraded AI Headshots


In the end, upload a photo of yourself. For optimal results, we recommend using a well-lit photo, with your hands hidden, and you looking directly into the camera. You'll receive a collection of stunning AI headshots after a brief wait, hope you like it!

Try Creating AI Headshots in Other Versatile Styles

Apart from the AI Outfit feature, PhotoDirector offers the AI Avatar feature, enabling avatar creation in diverse styles such as Gothic, Cyberpunk, Wedding, Christmas, and more. And it also includes a "Formal Wear" anime style. Let's dive in and enjoy having some fun with it!

1. Download PhotoDirector and Tap “AI Avatar”

Once you have opened the app, you can find “AI Avatar” in the main page, tap it to start generating the avatars.

2. Select Gender and Styles

Now select a gender and you can choose up to 10 styles. PhotoDirector has over 30 AI styles to choose from in its AI headshot generator. You can use up to 10 at once, but we recommend sticking to the ones that will make a great headshot. Once you’ve selected all your styles, tap Continue for the next step.

3. Upload 10-20 Photos and Wait for the Amazing Results!

Exploring Headshots Generated by PhotoDirector. After generating headshots using PhotoDirector's AI headshot generator, users can now explore the headshots created for them. They have the option to save their avatars as collections or individually save their favorite headshots. These headshots can be utilized on various platforms such as LinkedIn, resumes, company team pages, or shared directly to social media from within the app. PhotoDirector provides a convenient and versatile way to showcase professional headshots for personal branding and online presence.

Finally, upload 10-20 of your photos and wait for a few minutes. Now, you can explore the headshots PhotoDirector made for you! You can save your avatars as collections or save your individual favorites. Then, use them on LinkedIn, in your resume, on your company’s team page, or share them to social media directly from the app.

Download PhotoDirector: The Best Free AI Headshot Generator App

PhotoDirector offers one of the simplest and fastest platforms to generate your next AI headshot. It gives you a variety of headshots, so you can choose the one that looks most like you and the image you want to portray in the professional world.

Plus, it’s more than an AI headshot generator and gives you plenty of other AI tools to perfect your photos. Download it free for iOS or Android to upgrade your business profile with a stunning AI headshot!

FAQs for AI Headshot Generators

1. What Can an AI Headshot Generator Be Used For?

AI headshots have become an increasingly popular trend, and you can use them in the professional world to improve the look of your profiles. Put them up on LinkedIn to attract views from potential employers, use them on your company website’s team page, or add them to your resume to make an impression during the hiring process.

2. Are There Recommended AI Headshot Generator Apps?

With more and more headshot generators coming to the market, it’s important to choose the best one. Here are a few of the best to start with:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. Vivid AI
  3. Canva
  4. Mayo Studio
  5. Fotor

We recommend trying PhotoDirector first since it’s fast, easy, and has multiple AI tools to work with.

3. Are There Recommended Online AI Headshot Generators?

Outside of apps, here are a few of the best AI headshot generators online:

  1. Aragon AI
  2. StudioShot
  3. ProPhotos
  4. AI SuitUp

4. What Other AI Avatar Styles Can I Create with PhotoDirector?

PhotoDirector has 30+ AI Avatar styles in several categories, including Hair Design, Hair Collection, Artistic, and Realistic.

You can explore as many styles as you want and experiment to see which one gives you the best AI headshot. PhotoDirector updates its styles often, so you can count on finding something new!

5. What Is the Best AI Headshot Generator?

PhotoDirector is the best AI headshot generator for its many AI styles, photorealistic results, and speed. Its AI Avatar Maker, AI Portrait Tool, and ID Photo Maker come together to give you all the features you need to get a headshot that works for any professional platform. Plus, the app has other AI tools to refine your photos!

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