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Best App To Clean Up Pictures

AI revolutionizes our life, including picture clean up. It eliminates the need for advanced Photoshop skills. With AI-powered tools, intricate tasks like removing backgrounds, retouching imperfections, and enhancing colors become effortless. AI analyzes and understands image content, delivering professional results with ease and efficiency. In this article, we will introduce the three best apps for picture clean up and how to do it on your phone. Follow our steps and work magic with your photos!

PhotoDirector: The Best Choice To Clean Up Photos

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.6 / 4.6

PhotoDirector is an intuitive app with AI-powered tools for easy and efficient photo editing. It offers features like AI Avatar, portrait retouching, ID photo producing, AI enhance, etc. It is also well known for its AI object removal function. It not only helps you clean up pictures effortlessly, it has more high-quality photo enhance tools for you to level up your photos and add creativity to them. Download the app and have fun cleaning up your photos! 

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Why Is PhotoDirector the Best Choice for Picture Clean Up?

Advanced AI Picture Clean Up

The removal feature of PhotoDirector is based on advanced AI techniques. With its intuitive interface and advanced technology, users can effortlessly clean up photos by removing unwanted objects, retouching blemishes, erasing photobombers, and tidying up backgrounds. Here are the two most commonly used features for picture clean up:

  1. Remove Unwanted Objects
  2. Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

    We often bump into the situation where we just shoot a perfect photo, only to find an unsightly trash can ruining the scene. With AI picture clean up techniques, you can effortlessly erase the unwanted object, transforming the photo into a pristine masterpiece. Remove distractions, enhance the composition, and create visually captivating images with ease.

  3. Remove Strangers
  4. Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

    In group photos or crowded scenes, there are often unwanted people disrupting the composition. However, with the AI removal features of PhotoDirector, you can easily clean up pictures by removing people from photos to enhance the aesthetic appeal and allowing the main subject to shine without distractions.

  5. Remove Pimples and Other Facial Blemishes
  6. Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

    When taking portraits or close-up shots, facial blemishes like pimples can be a source of frustration. No worries, now you can take pictures anytime, anywhere with ease, because AI removal techniques can help you remove blemishes, bringing you flawless skin in high quality pictures.

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More Than Just Clean Up

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector goes beyond exceptional picture clean up with its array of powerful AI features. Just utilize the AI Enhance to bring out the best in your photos, AI Denoise to eliminate noise, and AI Unblur to unblur images. And now that your photo has been impeccably cleaned up, unleash your creativity with AI Sticker, allowing you to add your own personalized designs.

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How To Clean Up Photos with PhotoDirector?

1. Download PhotoDirector and Import Your Photos

PhotoDirector’s object removal function allows you to easily clean up photos. Besides, it is a free app available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to users on both major mobile operating systems. Download the app and tap “Edit” to start working magic on your photos!

2. Tap Tools To Find Removal

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

You can find Removal in the Tools tab to clean up pictures. There are also other photo enhancing features to choose from, like AI Enhance, Image Deblur and Noise Reduction to upscale your images.

3. Clean Up Pictures!

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

You can use a brush tool to remove unwanted areas. If you want to modify the area you brush over, simply use the eraser tool to make the adjustments. 

4. Enhance Your Photos with Extra Personality

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

You can add stickers to increase the fun factor of your photos. You can even use AI stickers to create personalized stickers by turning text into images with AI, adding a unique touch to your images. In addition, the AI enhance feature can automatically analyze and optimize various aspects of the photo, improving its quality and visual appeal. These features are definitely worth trying out.

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

5. Save and Share!

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

You just created a masterpiece in just a few minutes! Share it with your friends now and let them appreciate your work!

Clean Up Pictures Use Cases

PhotoDirector’s AI object removal technique allows you to clean up pictures under any circumstances. Let’s see what you can do with PhotoDirector to enhance the overall quality and aesthetics of an image.

1. Clean Up People

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

When you have a photo full of memories, but the one next to you is not worthy of being memorable anymore, you can remove the unwanted person to make the image more visually pleasing and focused on the intended subject-You.

2. Clean Up Watermark

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Though watermarks are often added to images to protect copyrights, they can be distracting in some cases. By cleaning up watermarks, you can enjoy the image without the obstruction and distractions.

3. Clean Up Text

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Sometimes, text or labels in a photo may be unwanted or unnecessary. Removing text from photos can help you achieve a cleaner, more professional look, whether it's for personal or commercial use.

4. Clean Up Glare on Glasses

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Glare on eyeglasses can be problematic, especially in portrait photos. By removing the glare or reflections from the glasses, you can ensure that the subject's eyes are more visible and the photo looks clearer.

5. Clean Up Shadow

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Shadows in photos can sometimes be distracting or create uneven lighting. Cleaning up shadows, especially harsh or unwanted ones, can improve the overall balance and quality of the image, making it more appealing.

Top 3 Best Picture Clean Up Apps

1. PhotoDirector: The Best App To Clean Up Photos

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector's object removal function stands out with its user-friendly interface, delivering high-quality results. It effortlessly helps you clean up anything you don't want in your photos. More than just photo cleanup, PhotoDirector offers diverse and useful features like AI enhance, AI stickers, and more, allowing you to enhance and personalize your images with ease.

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2. TouchRetouch


TouchRetouch is an app designed specifically for picture clean up. Its main strength lies in its seamless ability to erase objects while preserving a natural and realistic appearance. Additionally, TouchRetouch offers a "clone" function, allowing you to mirror the surrounding area to quickly and efficiently fill in the erased portion.

3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

YouCamPerfect also excels in its object removal function, effortlessly removing unwanted elements from photos. Moreover, it offers a range of useful features, particularly its face beautifying tools. With skin smoothening, face slimming, and blemish removal capabilities, YouCamPerfect helps users achieve flawless and stunning portraits with ease.

Clean Up Pictures Online

MyEdit is a standout online photo editing tool, renowned for its seamless blend of simplicity and precision. It boasts an intuitive design that ensures hassle-free clean up pictures experiences, making it suitable for users of all levels.

MyEdit's algorithmic prowess guarantees professional-grade results, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals. While occasional ads and limited free features are minor drawbacks, its overall efficiency and exceptional output quality make it a compelling choice for those seeking a balanced mix of ease and high-quality photo editing.

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FAQs about Picture Clean Up

1. How Do I Clean Up Pictures?

With PhotoDirector, you can clean up photos with these simple steps. Just download the app and give it a try:

  1. Download PhotoDirector and Import Your Photos
  2. Tap Tools To Find Removal
  3. Clean Up Pictures!
  4. Enhance Your Photos with Extra Personality
  5. Save and Share!

2. What Can I Clean Up From Pictures?

Removing objects from photos serves various purposes, such as cleaning up unwanted people, watermarks, text, glare on glasses, and shadows. This enhances image aesthetics and eliminates distractions, making the photos more visually appealing and professional. Photo editing apps like PhotoDirector are typically used for these tasks.

3. What Can I Clean Up From Pictures?

Yes, there are lots of apps offering free object removal functions. Here are the top three:

  1. PhotoDirector: Features seamless and professional picture clean up functions and diverse photo enhancing tools like AI enhance, AI stickers, AI avatar, and so on.
  2. TouchRetouch: An app designed specifically for object removal, with easy-to-use surfaces and multiple tools to help you clean up photos efficiently.
  3. YouCam Perfect: Features mostly face beautify tools like skin smoothening, face slimming, and blemish removal capabilities. It is also a great app for object removal, helping users achieve flawless and stunning photos with ease.

4. Can I Remove the Background of the Picture?

Yes, there are lots of apps that provide free background removal functions and we recommend PhotoDirector as the best one. Its AI background removal function uses advanced algorithms to accurately separate the subject from the background. With precision editing tools and a user-friendly interface, it offers seamless and professional background removal for enhanced photo editing capabilities.

5. How to Clean Up Pictures Online For Free?

To clean up pictures online, we recommend you use MyEdit-the best online tool to remove objects from photos. All you need to do is follow 4 steps. 

  1. Access MyEdit and select the "Object Removal" feature.
  2. Upload the photo you want to edit.
  3. Using the provided brush tool, and mark the person you wish to remove from the image.
  4. Tap "Remove" to initiate the removal process and preview the effect
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