How to Remove Shadow From a Photo Easily With the Best Photo Editing App

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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In the world of photography, shadows can often play the role of an unwanted antagonist, blocking our view of the main subject and diminishing the overall impact of a picture. But fear not! In this article, we're about to reveal the ultimate solution to banish those pesky shadows and salvage your photographs. Get ready to discover the power of PhotoDirector, the premier shadow remover that will transform your images from dull to dazzling.

PhotoDirector: Best App to Remove Shadows From Photos


PhotoDirector is a comprehensive free photo editing app with a range of professional tools. One standout feature is "AI Removal," a popular tool that allows you to effortlessly remove shadows from photos. The removal process is remarkably user-friendly — simply apply the brush to the shadows, click "remove," and voilà! Your photo emerges flawlessly, free from any lingering shadow disruptions. Learn How to Remove Shadows From Photos With PhotoDirector ->

How Does PhotoDirector Work to Remove Shadows From Photos

The “AI Removal” tool employs advanced algorithms to analyze the brushed area, then intelligently fills in the removed area with surrounding content, seamlessly blending it into the background. This process ensures that the removal appears natural and maintains the overall image quality, allowing users to effortlessly eliminate shadows and improve the composition of their photos.

How to Remove Shadow From Photos With PhotoDirector

With the following four simple steps, you can easily remove shadow from photos with PhotoDirector:

1. Download PhotoDirector — The Best App to Remove Shadows From Photos

Thanks to its cutting-edge AI technology, PhotoDirector effortlessly eliminates bothersome shadows from your photos, resulting in a natural-looking outcome that appears untouched. Ready to bid farewell to those intrusive shadows? Download the app now to begin the shadow removal journey!

2. Tap “AI Removal” and Import Your Image


Once you open PhotoDirector, tap “AI Removal” on the main page and import the photo with shadows you want to remove.

3. Brush the Shadow and Tap “Remove”


Now use the brush tool to brush the unwanted shadows. You can adjust the brush size effortlessly using the slider, and you shouldn’t hesitate to redo the process if needed. For those subtle tweaks within the brushed area, simply tap the eraser icon next to the brush tool for precise adjustments. Once you've fine-tuned every detail, it's time to work the magic – tap "Remove" and watch those shadows disappear!

4. Save or Share Your Image


In the blink of an eye, you've transformed your photo into a shadow-free masterpiece. Isn't that simply fantastic? Save and share the magic with your friends!

Top 3 Best Apps to Remove Shadow From a Photo for iPhone & Android

1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editing tool that can take your photo to the next level. Its AI Removal can wisely remove the unwanted part brushed by users and blend the removed parts naturally with the background. With the AI removal tool, you can also remove any other unwanted things on the photo like watermarks, blemishes, glares, people, etc.

2. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is an object remover that allows you to remove shadows from photos effortlessly. With advanced features like automatic object removal, mesh detection, and precise retouching tools, TouchRetouch ensures professional-grade photo edits with ease.

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is a robust Google-developed photo editor, which boasts an array of 29 tools and filters at your disposal. Among them, the "Healing" tool effortlessly erases shadows, delivering impressive results. However, unlike PhotoDirector, Snapseed lacks the ability to fine-tune the brush for precise adjustments, making it slightly less versatile in that aspect.

What Else You Can Remove From Photos With PhotoDirector

Absolutely, removing objects from photos can greatly enhance the composition and overall appeal of an image. In addition to removing shadows, here are some ideas for object removal in photos to achieve that perfect shot:

1. Remove Watermarks


Removing watermarks from photos is crucial when users want to utilize images without the obstructive watermark, often for presentations or publications. With PhotoDirector's AI Removal tool, this task becomes effortless, allowing you to quickly and effectively eliminate watermarks, enhancing the visual appeal and usability of the images.

Learn More About Watermark Removal:

2. Remove Glares


Glares can severely impact the quality of a photo, obscuring vital details and diminishing its overall appeal. Fortunately, the AI Removal tool provides an effective remedy. Come and give the AI Remover a shot to eliminate glare!

Learn More About Removing Glare From Photos:

3. Remove Text


Occasionally, you come across an image with unwanted text that you'd like to eliminate, allowing the pure image to shine through. In cases like this, you can use the AI Removal of PhotoDirector to be satisfied with the result.

Learn More About Removing Text From Photos:

4. Remove Ex


Imagine having a stunning photo from a memorable moment, but your ex is also in the picture. In such a scenario, the AI Removal tool of PhotoDirector becomes invaluable, enabling you to effortlessly remove your ex from the photo, preserving the beauty of the moment without any awkward associations.

Learn More About Removing People From Photos:

FAQs About How To Remove Shadows from Photos

1. Can You Remove Shadows From Photos?

Yes, shadows can be removed from photos using photo editing apps like PhotoDirector or Snapseed. These tools offer features such as the healing brush, which allows you to eliminate unwanted shadows and create a more visually appealing image.

2. What Apps Get Rid of Shadow in Pictures?

Below are the top three recommended apps that can help you remove shadows from photos efficiently and easily:

3. What’s the Easiest Way to Remove Shadow from Photos?

The easiest way to remove shadow from photos is to utilize the “AI Removal” tool of PhotoDirector. Its advanced AI technique allows it to wisely remove the unwanted shadow you marked and generate natural results. Moreover, you can freely adjust the brush size and redo if needed, which makes it the best choice to remove shadow from photos.

4. How to Remove Shadow From Photos for Free?

With the following simple steps, you can efficiently remove annoying shadows with PhotoDirector:

  1. Download PhotoDirector
  2. Tap “AI Removal” and Import Your Image
  3. Brush the Shadow and Tap “Remove”
  4. Save or Share Your Image

Download PhotoDirector — The Best App to Remove Shadow from Photos


Removing shadows from photos can significantly enhance their quality by bringing out the main subject and improving overall clarity. Among the various tools available, PhotoDirector stands out as the best choice. Its "AI Removal" feature ensures natural-looking results, and the user-friendly process allows for easy adjustments, making it a top pick for anyone seeking to perfect their photos.

Besides the AI Removal feature, it's highly advisable to explore the array of other valuable photo editing capabilities PhotoDirector offers. You'll find yourself captivated by tools like AI Avatar, which crafts stunning profiles and transforms you into various characters and styles. Additionally, PhotoDirector offers professional-grade editing options such as AI Enhance, Background Removal, Color Inversion, and more. Don't miss out on these indispensable tools – download PhotoDirector now!

Explore Other Features of PhotoDirector:

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