8 Best Apps to Generate Thanksgiving Card in 2024

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While many of us know Thanksgiving as a time for gathering and sharing meals with friends and family, not everyone can always be there in person. Whether you’re traveling, away at school, or live far from home, a Thanksgiving card can brighten everyone’s holiday. Making these cards gets even easier when you have AI tools to help you design them. There’s still plenty of time before Thanksgiving to come up with a beautiful card that shows your loved ones how grateful you are to have them in your life.

We put together eight of the best card generator apps to help you create the best Thanksgiving card this season. Keep reading to learn how you can send your family well wishes this turkey day!

Snapshot of the Top 3 Thanksgiving Card Generators

1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector’s all-in-one photo editing app has a huge collection of photo editing features to help you create your Thanksgiving card. With its AI sticker generator, you can personalize your stickers and emojis, too. Then, use its many font styles to write a “Happy Thanksgiving” message in one of five different languages! >>More Details

2. Vivid AI

Vivid AI’s complete art generator turns your photos into aesthetic cards with its AI Scene feature. If you don’t have a photo to turn into a card, you can use the Text to Image tool to write your own prompt and generate a new card from scratch. >>More Details

3. Picsart

Picsart has a range of templates and effects to use when you’re putting together a Thanksgiving card. It makes the process even simpler by letting you search “Thanksgiving” in the app and showing you free-to-use images and stickers to add to your message. >>More Details

8 Best Thanksgiving Card Makers

1. PhotoDirector — The Best Thanksgiving Card Maker


One of PhotoDirector’s notable features is "Text to Image", which can be used to create a unique Thanksgiving card background. Words alone may not fully capture the emotions and sentiments you want to convey. PhotoDirector’s text-to-image feature can convert your text into a beautiful and relevant visual representation, such as an autumn scene with falling leaves, a family gathered around a Thanksgiving table, or a cornucopia filled with harvest produce.


In addition to generated images, PhotoDirector comes with customizable Thanksgiving photo templates, so you can collect your favorite fall memories before you send your card. You can add up to six photos to your template, depending on which one you choose. You can rearrange your photos for a coordinated aesthetic before adding the finishing touches to your cards.


With the app’s stickers and text tool, you can add Thanksgiving effects for a more festive look. Fill your cards with turkeys, cornucopias, and foods you’ll find at any Thanksgiving feast so your decorations reflect the occasion. You can even create your own custom stickers with PhotoDirector’s sticker generator!

Complete your card with a written message using PhotoDirector’s collection of fonts, text styles, and colors. You can change your text to suit your template style and personal preference so that your loved ones know right away that it’s from you!

Learn More Features to Create a Thanksgiving Card

2. Vivid AI — Best for Generating Card Elements With AI


Vivid AI generates your entire card with its Text to Image feature. When you want to send a heartfelt message to your family, you can prompt the app with a description of the Thanksgiving vibe you’re going for. It will even include a message if you tell it what you want the card to say!


The app’s AI Scene tool takes your fall landscape pictures or family portraits and turns them into works of art fit for a Thanksgiving card. It generates several styles of the same image, so you can choose the one you like best to send to your friends and family.

Learn More AI Features of Vivid AI

3. Picsart — Best for Sourcing Digital Thanksgiving Materials

Picsart has an extensive library of images and stickers for trendy Happy Thanksgiving cards. With the search feature, you can access everything you need quickly. In other words, if you forgot to send out a card until the last minute, Picsart has millions of stickers and effects that you can use to put together a card fast without making it look rushed. Plus, the replay feature helps you keep your editing style consistent across all your photos.

4. Fotor — Best for Thanksgiving Templates

Fotor has design templates for cards of any kind, and it updates them every week. It has 165+ templates for Thanksgiving alone, and many of them have short and sweet built-in greetings, as well as many styles, colors, and aesthetics. Some celebrate Turkey Day more loudly than others, but you can personalize them with the app’s other effects, including filters and art styles.

5. PhotoGrid — Best for Photo & Video Collages

PhotoGrid goes beyond classic stationary cards and upgrades them with its collage features. You can combine several photos in one template or play them as a video slideshow that tells a story this Thanksgiving. The app’s themed collages give you several Thanksgiving aesthetics to work with, and you can resize them, add frames, or apply fall stickers and backgrounds for a seasonal look.

6. Invitation Maker: Card Creator — Best for Making Thanksgiving Invitations

Make your Thanksgiving card double as an invitation to a turkey dinner, and use this app’s invitation templates to put together a card that looks good enough to eat. It has invitation templates for all occasions, from birthday parties to baby showers, and it has plenty of graphic design tools to create a unique Thanksgiving invitation. You can also send the invitations right from the app for paperless delivery!

7. Canva — Best for Social Media Sharing

Canva lets you tailor your cards to the social media platform where you want to share them. You can choose your invitation size based on whether you plan to share it on your Instagram story, post it to Facebook, or share it on TikTok. Canva’s extensive graphic design tools also let you work from a template or create your own card from scratch!

8. Starryai — Best for Generating Card Backgrounds

Starryai can generate a new background for your photos, transforming any real-life scene into a Thanksgiving card. Choose your favorite memory from a past holiday or take new fall photos, and use Starryai to generate an artistic Thanksgiving background. You can make up to five cards daily until you find your favorite card design.

How To Design Your Thanksgiving Card With PhotoDirector

  • Customize Thanksgiving Images

  • PhotoDirector

    Who said that only professional designers can create astonishing Thanksgiving images for Thanksgiving cards? With PhotoDirector’s text to image feature, you can turn your imagination into artwork and express yourself at the Thanksgiving card!

    1. Choose “Text to Image” from AI Magic at the main page
    2. Describe your ideal image with text prompt
    3. Select the style from Portrait or Scenery category
    4. Save or continue to edit the generated image
  • Choose an Attractive Template

  • PhotoDirector

    PhotoDirector has six Thanksgiving collage templates you can use to put together your card. You can add up to six photos to your card, and here are the steps to do it:

    1. On the main screen, tap “View all templates.”
    2. Choose the collage tab and find the Thanksgiving collection. You can specify whether to filter your results further based on the number of photos you want to add.
    3. Tap the Thanksgiving template you want to use and upload your photos.
    4. Center your images in the frames, and use PhotoDirector’s adjustment tools to edit your card’s exposure, saturation, and contrast.
    5. Save your card and send it off!

    Learn More About PhotoDirector’s Collage Feature:

  • Add Creative Stickers

  • PhotoDirector

    Stickers add tone and emotion to your cards, and PhotoDirector has static and animated ones to choose from. You can even go a step further and create a custom sticker with the AI sticker feature, which lets you describe the design you want and generates up to five stickers a day. Here’s how to use it:

    1. Go to Edit, and select your Thanksgiving card from your photos.
    2. Tap the Sticker feature and choose the AI Sticker option.
    3. Type your prompt into the description box, and select one of PhotoDirector’s five sticker styles.
    4. Tap Generate, and start using your Thanksgiving stickers!
  • Write a Heartwarming Message

  • PhotoDirector

    When you know what to write in your card, PhotoDirector’s text feature has hundreds of text styles, fonts, colors, and backgrounds to make your words pop. Even if you stick with a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” greeting, the app adds excitement with fall text editing options you can explore with these steps:

    1. Upload your card to PhotoDirector and tap Text Tools.
    2. Type your Thanksgiving message into the box.
    3. Use the Preset tab to add an autumn background to your text. Then, use the Font and Style tabs to change the color, formatting, and other elements of the message.
    4. Save your text and send your card!

    Learn More About Adding Text to Images:

Try the AI Tools in Vivid AI To Create Thanksgiving Cards

  • Text to Image

  • PhotoDirector

    The Text to Image feature can help you create card decorations or generate the entire card for you. With this tool, you can type in a prompt to tell the app what you want it to make for you. Use these steps to see how many different Happy Thanksgiving cards you can create:

    1. Tap the Text to Image tool on the main screen.
    2. Use the text box to describe the kind of image you want Vivid AI to generate, including any specific details you want to see.
    3. Select one of 11 styles to use for your card.
    4. Tap Generate and check out the four different images Vivid AI made for you!
  • AI Scene

  • PhotoDirector

    AI Scene changes the style of any photo you want, including Thanksgiving memories, fall foliage, and autumn landscapes. It turns each picture into an artistic scene with eight styles, like Vector Art, Sunset, and Marble, to match the vibe you want for your card. Here’s how to try them:

    1. Upload the photo you want to use for your card to Vivid AI.
    2. Tap the AI Scene tool and go to the Preset tab to discover all of the app’s styles.
    3. Tap the scenery filter you want to use, and drag the center bar in the middle of your image to either side to see your photo before and after its transformation.
    4. Save the design, and add your final edits!

    Learn More Usage of AI Scene-

Thanksgiving Card Ideas

Your Thanksgiving card should reflect your personality and the spirit of the holiday. There are plenty of ways to get your message across with card designs like these:

  • Autumn Foliage: Warm colors and deep earth tones portray the classic fall scene, and you can add your own decorations with leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Give the card a cozy vibe with a hand-painted style and rustic elements.
  • Harvest Cornucopia: Speak to Thanksgiving’s abundance with a cornucopia filled with autumn fruits and vegetables. This design symbolizes gratitude and bounty, as well as sending the message that you want to share those things with others this holiday.
  • Family Gathering: If you have a photo of your family or friends sharing a Thanksgiving meal, use it as a card! It will bring back the wonderful memories of past holidays and give your card a more personal touch.

Download PhotoDirector — The Best Thanksgiving Card Maker

PhotoDirector has templates, stickers, and AI tools to make the perfect homemade Thanksgiving card. You don’t need graphic design skills to use the app, and after you’ve made your card, keep editing other photos with PhotoDirector’s object remover, face reshape tools, and background replacement features. Download the app for free on iOS and Android to help you celebrate every holiday with your loved ones, even from afar!

Explore other Features of PhotoDirector:

FAQs for Making Happy Thanksgiving Cards

1. What Do You Say in a Thanksgiving Card?

It’s okay to stick to a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” message, but if you want to make your words feel more personal, try these ideas:

  • Tell your loved one how grateful you are to have them in your life
  • Share a specific memory of a time your loved one did something that made you feel grateful
  • Describe how you’re spending your Thanksgiving, if you’re apart, to create a feeling of closeness
  • Talk about past Thanksgivings you spent together
  • Send well wishes for abundance in the coming season

2. Why Do We Send Thanksgiving Cards?

A Thanksgiving card shows your loved ones that you’re thinking of them, even if you won’t be around to celebrate with them in person. It also shows sincere gratitude and love, especially if you can make the card yourself.

3. Which App Can I Use to Make Thanksgiving Cards?

Several apps can help you make your Happy Turkey Day cards, but here are the eight best ones:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. Vivid AI
  3. Picsart
  4. Fotor
  5. PhotoGrid
  6. Invitation Maker: Card Creator
  7. Canva
  8. Starryai

4. How Can I Easily Make an Aesthetic Thanksgiving Card?

PhotoDirector’s Text to Image feature allows you to generate Thanksgiving card images in a minute. And the autumn templates help add a holiday atmosphere in no time since all you have to do is choose a collage template and add your photos. Then, spruce it up with custom AI stickers and a heartfelt message before you send it to your friends and family!

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