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The Best Video Editors to Make a TikTok Video [Mobile, Online, Desktop]

Last Updated on Feb. 11, 2022 – by Jayed Miah
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Best Video Editor for TikTok

TikTok’s popularity is surging, and becoming a TikTok influencer may seem as easy as posting the next viral video. Unfortunately, fierce competition from global users can make it a challenge to produce videos that stand out.

If you’re wondering how to make a TikTok video that captures the eyes of millions, you’ll need to look further than the TikTok effects in the app. We’ve compared the best TikTok editors available and rounded up nine user-friendly options that transform your content from blah to bold.

Ready to start trending? Then continue reading to learn about the best TikTok editors on the market.

Top 3 TikTok Video Editors in 2022

PowerDirector App Logo

1. PowerDirector - Best Video Editing App

Intuitive editing app designed for all skill levels. Enables you to produce videos like the most popular TikTok influencers. More Info >


2. VEED - Best Online Editor

Editor with the tools you need to create your TikTok videos online without downloading an app or software. More Info >

PowerDirector Logo

3. PowerDirector 365 - Best Video Editing Software

Comprehensive video editing software that includes all the editing tools and effects you need to create popular TikTok videos. More Info >

Best TikTok Apps for iOS & Android

1. PowerDirector - Best Video Editing App

PowerDirector App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Key Features:

  • Video speed adjustments for fast and slow motion
  • Video stabilizer to fix shaky footage
  • Chroma key, masking, overlays, and blending modes for compositing
  • Voice changer and recorder

User Friendliness: 10 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 10 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 10 / 10

The PowerDirector app makes it easy to create TikTok videos on the go. No matter how much video editing experience you’ve got, the intuitive, user-friendly app allows you to channel your creativity into professional-quality videos faster than ever.

Simply upload videos into the app, cut footage, add effects, and post TikTok videos in up to 4K resolution. Add a glitch effect or adjust brightness and color with a couple of finger taps. Or add a voiceover with the built-in audio editor.

You can layer photos and videos with multi-track editing and add captivating animated titles to stop viewers mid-scroll. From offbeat audio effects and green screen editing to speed adjustments for fast and slow-motion the editing options in PowerDirector are nearly endless. And it’s updated monthly with new effects and creative assets.

  • Simple trim, splice, and rotate tools
  • Drag & drop effects and transitions
  • Built-in stock library provided by Shutterstock and iStock
  • Text, animated titles, and motion graphics
  • Not as comprehensive as desktop version PowerDirector 365

Download the PowerDirector app to create jaw-dropping TikTok videos.

2. InShot - Best for Stickers

InShot App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Key Features:

  • Video trimmer, cutter, and cropper
  • Video merger
  • Text and stickers
  • Video filters

User Friendliness: 8 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 9 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 8 / 10

InShot is a versatile video maker for TikTok with simple tools making it a user-friendly option for anyone wanting to learn the ropes of video editing. In addition, it offers a selection of visual and audio effects and allows you to upload and add music to your videos.

You can merge two clips by adding transition effects like Fade, Glitch, Light, and Ghost. You can adjust video brightness, contrast, and saturation or add customized video filters if you want to color grade. Plus, create freeze frames or speed up and slow down footage with a couple of taps.

Overall, Inshot is a reliable app with multiple aspect ratio support and fun content like 1000+ stickers you can add to your videos. It can even be used to create stylish collages.

  • Easily convert videos to MP4 format
  • Photo slideshow maker
  • Music library
  • Lacks some effects for making TikTok videos

3. Funimate - Best for 3D Space

Funimate App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Key Features:

  • Video transitions
  • Overlays, stickers & backgrounds
  • Layer animation with keyframes
  • 3D Space

User Friendliness: 6 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 7 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 8 / 10

With Funimate, you can edit videos quickly with unique and advanced editing features. Splice videos together with transitions or add effects, animations, and text. Then get creative with stickers, backgrounds, and overlays to add style to your footage.

You can create lip-sync, dance, and freestyle videos with that app. Or try your hand at using a video mask or creating in 3D space. You even can add an intro or outro animation.

Funimate’s slight learning curve makes it less user-friendly for beginners, while fewer options for in-app music and no color-grading options mean you may need a second editing app for some projects.

  • Basic video editing tools like cropping, merging, cutting, and trimming
  • Funimate video editing community
  • Smart motion blur
  • Beginners might find it complicated

Best TikTok Video Editors Online

1. VEED - Best Online Editor

VEED Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Key Features:

  • Subtitles and audio transcription
  • Auto translation
  • Video project collaboration

User Friendliness: 9 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 10 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 5 / 10

VEED is a way to create TikTok videos without having to download anything. Simply upload your videos from your phone, computer, or camera and it will resize them for TikTok with a single click. In addition, you can use it to do various tasks such as trimming, adding subtitles, or progress bars.

The website is straightforward to navigate with a simple and effective UI. You can add filters such as VHS, Glitch, and Snow. It has some video effects but is lacking compared to the apps and software on this list.

When using the effect and filters you can mix and match them to give your videos some style but you won’t be able to create the scroll-stopping effects like the best influencers with VEED. It is more ideal for adding emojis and snappy titles.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use subtitle maker
  • Numerous basic features
  • Lack advanced effects and tools ideal for making the most exciting TikTok videos

2. Flixier - Fastest Online Editor

Flixier Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Key Features:

  • Timeline editing
  • Webcam Recording
  • Screen Recording

User Friendliness: 8 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 9 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 4 / 10

With just a few clicks, you can create a TikTok video with Flixier. You can collaborate in real-time and publish a video in minutes with the fastest online video editor. From trimming and cropping to transitions and text all the basic video editing tools are there.

You can drag and drop videos into position and resize them. Add motion titles, music, and images from the library provided. There are limited video effects but it does have a green screen tool.

Record your screen or with a webcam using Flixier. Overall it is definitely a better editor for simple YouTube and Facebook posts but it can produce good enough TikTok videos.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Motion graphics and stock footage
  • Limited features

3. Clideo - Best for Beginners

PowerDirector App Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Key Features:

  • Meme maker
  • Video looping
  • Stop motion creation

User Friendliness: 10 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 6 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 2 / 10

Clideo is a collection of easy-to-use online video tools. It is incredibly simple and basic. Anyone that knows how to use a webpage can use it. All of the tools are separated which is great for beginners as some video editors can be very overwhelming at first.

One of its best tools is the Meme Maker for adding text and emojis to videos in a very straightforward way. There are a few other fun tools like Speed Video, Filter Video, and Slideshow Maker. However, the video editing website lacks effects.

All-in-all if you need to make a few adjustments to your videos this a great tool. If you want to get creative and push your videos to a new level Clideo is not for you.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Simple video compress tool
  • Very basic

Best TikTok Editors for Windows & Mac

1. PowerDirector 365 - Best Video Editing Software

PowerDirector Interface

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Key Features:

  • Easy to navigate with Timeline,
  • Storyboard, or Slideshow interface editing options
  • Comprehensive editing tools
  • Library of special effects and overlays

User Friendliness: 10 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 10 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 10 / 10

PowerDirector 365 is a robust and user-friendly editing software perfect for TikTok videos. The software is simple to navigate and provides more tools and effects than most video editors.

PowerDirector comes loaded with filters and effects that combine to make offbeat and viral videos that convert viewers to followers. Adding titles and transitions is easy with its drag and drop functionality. While crafting visual trickery is no problem with all the compositing tools you will ever need, from video masking and chroma key to blending modes and overlays.

PowerDirector outperforms all other editors with its capability, flexibility, and quality. If you want to create the best TikTok videos you can there is no better option.

  • Includes all the video editing and effects tools you’ll ever need
  • Easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for professionals
  • Built-in stock library of videos, photos and music provided by Shutterstock and iStock
  • Takes up a good amount of hard drive space

2. Pinnacle Studio - Best for Experts

PinnacleStudio Interface

Compatibility: Windows

Key Features:

  • User-friendly with seamless sharing directly to TikTok
  • Offbeat audio and visual effects

User Friendliness: 6 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 9 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 9 / 10

For PC video editing, Pinnacle Studio is a common choice. It comes in three levels offering an increasing amount of editing capabilities and is an appropriate starting point for experienced TikTok editors.

Users choose between timeline and storyboard editing, with a variety of included effects, graphics, and project templates. It includes color correction and audio editing tools. You can edit 360° video footage or use its multi-camera editing feature if you shoot with more than one device.

Pinnacle Studio’s most advanced tools are reserved for the Ultimate version, which they call an “advanced pro-level video editor.” If you don’t have editing experience, please keep this in mind.

  • Multiple subscription levels based on desired investment in editing software
  • Created specifically for PC users
  • Steep learning curve and complicated UI

3. Corel VideoStudio - Best for Intermediate Editors

Corel VideoStudio App Interface

Compatibility: Windows

Key Features:

  • Import clips, screen record, or capture multi-camera videos
  • Wide selection of basic tools
  • Export to popular formats for sharing

User Friendliness: 6 / 10

Advanced Editing Tools: 8 / 10

Effects for TikTok Videos: 8 / 10

Corel VideoStudio is a PC-based video editor. Available at a relatively decent entry price for a typical video editing software. With basic video editing tools, color correction, and chroma key/green screen editing capabilities it makes it possible to edit TikTok videos.

You can use a webcam to create a stop motion animation with the program. Automatic capture settings and on-screen guides make it easy to create smooth, natural motion. Or you can create movement of graphics, shapes, titles, and overlays with customizable paths.

Corel VideoStudio has a good set of effects including time remapping to create slow motion, fast motion, freeze frame, and reverse effects. All-in-all it is a good choice for intermediate editors.

  • Filters and effects
  • Color enhancement tools
  • Instant project templates
  • Interface feels awkward, especially when layering media

Best TikTok Editing Software & App Free Download

From software best for experts to apps that allow you to edit anywhere, choosing the best editor for eye-catching TikTok effects is critical to standing out.

When you pick a video editor that allows for creating visual effects, grants access to a stock library of photos, videos, and music, and has a user-friendly interface that works for beginners while providing professional-quality results; it’s easy to create a viral video.

So, if you’re ready to be the next big thing on TikTok—and edit videos with ease—choose the PowerDirector app or PowerDirector 365 to create unique, impactful videos that effortlessly generate likes and views.

TikTok Video Editor FAQ

1. How Do I Edit TikTok Videos Using an App?

There are six main steps to editing a TikTok video with an app.

Step 1: Record & upload videos

Step 2: Cut, combine, and edit videos

Step 3: Add effects and filters

Step 4: Add music and sound

Step 5: Add title and captions

Step 6: Produce and share

For an in-depth guide on editing with a video app check out How to Make a TikTok.

2. How Do I Edit Tiktok Videos Using Professional Editing Software?

If you are using professional editing software you are going to want to follow these basic steps.

Step 1: Import and organize footage

Step 2: Cut footage together

Step 3: Preview changes in the preview window

Step 4: Add transitions between clips

Step 5: Add title, effects, and color correct

Step 6: Edit audio

Step 7: Save and export footage

For a complete overview of editing videos with software check out How to Edit Videos

3. What Features Should I Look For in a TikTok Video Editor?

  • Video effects
  • Titles
  • Motion graphics
  • Transitions
  • Color correction
  • Audio tools
  • Chroma key for green screen effects
  • Video speed controls for fast and slow motion
  • Video stabilization

4. How Do I Get Sound Effects for TikTok Videos?

The best way to get sound effects for TikTok is from a sound effects stock library.

PowerDirector comes with built-in stock libraries. From sound effects to 8,000,000+ iStock and Shutterstock videos, photos, and music. PowerDirector includes all the sounds and visuals you’ll ever need to create TikTok videos.

5. Should I Pay For a TikTok Video Editor?

Most free video editors are free for a reason. They are either clunky and outdated or don’t provide the best results. If that isn’t the case, they won’t do more than the editing tools already provided in the TikTok app.

However, PowerDirector is free to download, and you can use it at no cost. It does lack some export controls and creative assets available in the paid version, but it’s the best free editor available.

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