10 Best TikTok Photo Edit Hacks That You Must Know

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Best TikTok Photo Edit Hacks - PhotoDirector

TikTok is a social media platform with over a billion users. With TikTok, you can share short clips, videos, and compilations — usually set to music. However, making your video stand out in a steady stream of new content can be a challenge due to the high volume of users and their sophisticated editing techniques.

That’s where TikTok photo edit hacks come into play. By learning the right editing techniques, you can make your TikTok channel a viral sensation. We’re going to help you discover the top ten TikTok photo editing hacks. Use these simple hacks to take your TikTok content to the next level.

What’s a TikTok Photo Edit Hack?

When you want to go viral, a TikTok photo editing hack is a must. These hacks are actually creative shortcuts or techniques that allow you to enhance your video to make them stand out in crowded feeds. It can be as simple as adding a filter to your image or might involve more complex editing techniques using a specialized app.

How To Make TikTok Photo Edits on iPhone

The viral TikTok photo edit hack on an iPhone is simple. To make this edit, turn the brightness and contrast on your photo up, using your iPhone’s Photo App. Next, make all the edits you want to your image. Then, turn the contrast and brightness back down. The end result is a warm glow aesthetic.

The 10 Best TikTok Photo Editing Hacks

While simple TikTok photo edits can be done using the iPhone Photo app, choices are limited... For people who use Android devices or those who are seeking a way to create a photo that stands out, we’ve got 10 of the best TikTok photo editing hacks for you. To perform these hacks, all you’ll need to do is download the free app, PhotoDirector.

TikTok Photo Edit Hack #1: Anime Photos

TikTok Photo Edit Hack #1 is the anime effect. An anime photo turns your image into a cartoonized photo. It’s a great way to add a whimsy effect to an image or to emphasize a specific feel. With PhotoDirector, this hack is extra simple. With one tap of your finger, you can choose from more than 20 styles and turn your photo into an anime image. You can not only cartoon yourself but also anime your pet or even landscape travel photos!

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TikTok Photo Edit Hack #2: Remove People / Objects From Photos

Sometimes, within the frame of your photo, there is way too much going on. All the objects or people in the background can be distracting, which doesn’t create a visually compelling image. Use PhotoDirector to clean up your photo, and let the subject of the picture take center stage.

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TikTok Photo Edit Hack #3: Enhance Photos

When you snapped your photo, you might not have had full control over the lighting and setting. That’s where enhancing your photo with PhotoDirector can help create a better result. You can use all the following photo enhancement tools to make up for a bad setting:

Also, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many options, you can check the article and to learn more about advanced AI enhancers to guide you.

TikTok Photo Edit Hack #4: Collage Photos

A photo collage is the perfect TikTok photo edit hack if you want a collection. Ideal for the holidays or to celebrate a particularly notable occasion, collages are the ideal fit. With PhotoDirector, you can choose from seasonal collages, such as those for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, or Halloween, or create a custom collage for your special event.

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TikTok Photo Edit Hack #5: Change Backgrounds

Sure, your living room backdrop is cool and all, but wouldn’t it be better if you and your bestie were standing on a mountainside instead? This TikTok photo edit hack allows you to swap out backgrounds to create a more engaging backdrop for any image. With PhotoDirector, you can choose aesthetic backgrounds or you can change out the sky with a tap. It’s all up to your creativity.

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TikTok Photo Edit Hack #6: Retouch Photos

When you want the perfect portrait, you don’t need to spend hours on your makeup or on expensive procedures. With our retouch hack, you can earn more followers by using all of these built-in tools:

Trying to do all of these enhancements in person would be a ridiculously time-consuming feat. Now, with PhotoDirector, you can enhance your selfie in a matter of seconds. Look like the star you are!

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TikTok Photo Edit Hack #7: Filters

Adding filters to photos has been around since way back in 2018 when Instagram launched its AR filters. Today, filters have come a long way, and adding TikTok photo filters is a great way to liven up an otherwise boring image. PhotoDirector offers dozens of filters and effects, which make it easy to match your photo to the vibe of your post.

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TikTok Photo Edit Hack #8: Add Stickers

When it comes to creating a fun, whimsical image, stickers are the level-up you need. With PhotoDirector, you can overlay stickers on your image to create a specific feel or to make a strong statement. You can even customize your unique stickers by using the Cutout tool to add fun and personality to your photo.

Learn More about Photo Stickers:

TikTok Photo Edit Hack #9: Add Text To Photos

Make your photo say more with an overlay of text. You can add text to convey a message, celebrate a holiday, or simply express your feelings. Unlike the fonts limitation in the TikTok app, PhotoDirector offers the ability to customize your text with unique effects, colors, and fonts. You can even apply text with various backgrounds.

Learn How To Add Text:

TikTok Photo Edit Hack #10: Overlay Photos

When you want to achieve a whole mood with your image, overlaying multiple photos is the way to do it. With this hack, you can take a simple image and create something eye-catching by using shadowing and overlays to layer photos. PhotoDirector can help you create surreal images in a few simple steps.

Learn How To Overlay Photos:

Download PhotoDirector - The Best App To Make TikTok Photo Edit Hacks

Ready to earn more TikTok views? Do you want your followers to tap the like button or leave you a comment? If so, download PhotoDirector to use the best TikTok photo edit hacks. With this app, it only takes a few seconds to make images that will elevate your TikTok personality.

FAQs about TikTok Photo Edit Hacks

1. Why Should I Make a TikTok Photo Edit Hack?

You should try out a few TikTok photo editing hacks to make your images more compelling. These simple techniques allow you to edit your photo in a way that makes it stand out in every feed.

2. What’s the Easiest Way To Make TikTok iPhone Photo Edit Hacks on iPhone

One easy way to try out the viral TikTok iPhone photo edit hacks is to turn up the contrast and brightness, make your edits, and turn it back down. However, to take your photo a step further — or hey, Android users, don’t feel left out — use PhotoDirector to try our top ten TikTok photo edit hacks.

3. What TikTok Photo Editing Hacks Can Make My TikTok Go Viral?

If you’re looking for photo editing hacks to help your TikTok go viral, use the 10 hacks mentioned above!

And, remember, when you have PhotoDirector on your phone, you can get creative and try your own hacks.

4. What’s the Best App To Make TikTok Photo Edit Hacks?

The best app to make TikTok photo editing hacks is PhotoDirector. This app has all the powerful features you need and can help increase the visual appeal of your TikTok videos and improve their chances of going viral on the platform.

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