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With the New Year just around the corner, it's the perfect time to share warmth and cheer with friends and family through creative Happy New Year cards. Embracing the digital age, sending visually stunning e-cards has become the trend, and leading the way is Promeo – the ultimate e-card maker. In this article, discover how Promeo can help you craft uniquely heartwarming New Year cards, ensuring a memorable and uplifting start to the upcoming year.

Promeo — The Best eCard Maker App to Create New Year Cards

Promeo stands out as a versatile digital content creator, empowering users to effortlessly personalize various templates for their content. Boasting a range of options including cards, invitations, and ad templates, its standout feature lies in its exceptional video templates. Not only do these templates captivate with visually satisfying styles, but Promeo's user-friendly and intuitive interface elevates the experience. Offering intricate templates tailored for different holidays, it becomes the ideal platform for crafting cards throughout the year, ensuring a perfect touch for any festive occasion.

Make Holiday Cards With Promeo:

How to Make a Happy New Year Card With Promeo

1. Download Promeo and Tap “New Year”


Promeo emerges as your go-to New Year card creator, offering a plethora of templates and user-friendly steps to design the perfect e-card for your family and friends. It is available for both iOS and Android. Just download the app, navigate to the dedicated New Year section, where a simple tap initiates the creation of joyous New Year cards. 

2. Select a Template


Upon entering the section, a multitude of templates awaits, ranging from warm greeting cards to vibrant invitations and compelling sales ads. You can navigate through the array by swiping or conveniently using the top-right filter. The filter allows you to tailor your search by opting for either graphic or video templates and then further refine your selection by choosing the desired format for your card.

3. Modify the Content and Add Elements


Upon discovering a template that resonates with you, just tap on it to enter the edit mode. Promeo empowers you to customize various aspects of the chosen template. From adjusting material placement, modifying text font and color codes, to adding music, you have the flexibility to personalize your creation. 

Moreover, Promeo provides additional enhancements such as image and photo additions, stickers, and a range of photo editing tools, including background removal, filters, blur effects, and an innovative AI style feature that transforms your photo into captivating anime art. Feel unrestricted as you edit, crafting your own spectacular New Year card with ease. 

4. Save and Share!

Upon completing all your edits, a simple tap on the export icon located at the top right will enable you to share your masterpiece. Promeo offers seamless integration with popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Alternatively, you can save your creation directly to your photo album. Wishing that the recipient of your New Year card finds joy in your creation!

Best Happy New Year Wishes and Messages

If you have no ideas about the content of the New Year card, here are some popular new year wishes and messages for your reference:

  • Out with the old, in with the new. Happy New Year!
  • Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year everybody!
  • Your friendship has been my anchor, and I am grateful for your support that helped me navigate through this year. Thank you for being there when I needed it the most!
  • May the coming year be even better than the last, filled with love and accomplishments.
  • May the New Year be a time of renewal, growth, and endless possibilities.
  • Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.
  • Wishing you a year filled with love, laughter, and memorable moments.
  • Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.
  • May the tears you cried this year water the soil of next year.
  • We look back over last year and find people who have impacted our lives in a positive way, and you, my dear, are one of those people.

Top 3 Apps for Making Happy New Year Cards in 2023

1. Promeo — Best for New Year Video Templates

Available: iOS / Android


Promeo stands out as the best choice for creating New Year cards with its extensive range of templates, particularly excelling in the realm of video templates. This unique feature empowers you to go beyond static images, letting your creativity shine in dynamic and engaging ways. Coupled with its visually pleasing and intuitively designed user interface, crafting your New Year card with Promeo is not only effortless but also enjoyable.

2. PhotoDirector — Best for New Year Photo Cards

Available: iOS / Android


PhotoDirector stands out as the ultimate photo editing app, it goes beyond the ordinary by providing multiple templates for captivating photo collages. You can also elevate your card to the next level with the app's advanced editing tools, including Portrait tools, AI Photo Enhance, Background Removal, and the playful additions of AI Avatar and AI Anime features. 

Level Up Your New Year Card With PhotoDirector:

3. Vivid AI — Best AI for Generating New Year Images

Available: iOS / Android


Vivid AI emerges as a versatile AI image generator, offering an array of enchanting AI tools such as Text to Image, AI Background Changer, and AI Sketch, among others. One standout feature is the AI Anime tool, which effortlessly transforms your photos into captivating anime artwork. Notably, within its versatile styles, there's a dedicated New Year theme — an ideal choice for crafting your Happy New Year card. 

Explore Other AI Tools to Make a New Year Card:

FAQs About Greeting Cards for New Year's Day

1. How Do You Write a Happy New Year Card?

To craft a Happy New Year card, start with warm greetings like "Wishing you joy and prosperity in the coming year!" or "May the New Year bring happiness and fulfillment." Add a personal touch by reflecting on shared memories and expressing hopes for the future. End with a positive closing like "Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!" >>Check out more New Year Greetings

2. Is There an App Providing a Free New Year Card Template?

Numerous apps offer free New Year card templates, but our top recommendation is Promeo. It stands out with its diverse and visually striking New Year card templates. Notably, its video templates are both playful and customizable, allowing you to freely adjust material placement and make extensive edits to fonts, stickers, images, music, and more.

3. What Is the Best App Making Greeting Cards for New Year's Day?

Here are the top three recommended apps for crafting your unique Happy New Year cards. All of them are available for free download and offer a range of complimentary tools to assist you in creating personalized and delightful greeting cards.

  • Promeo — Best for free new year video templates
  • PhotoDirector — Best for new year photo cards
  • Vivid AI — Best AI for Generating New Year Images

4. How to Make a Happy New Year eCard on iPhone?

With the simple steps below, you can easily create a personalized and satisfying Happy New Year ecard with the best ecard maker — Promeo:

  1. Download Promeo
  2. Tap the “New Year” Section on the Main Page
  3. Choose a Template
  4. Make Further Edits
  5. Save and Share With the Recipients

Download Promeo — The Best eCard Maker App for Making New Year Cards

Sending Happy New Year cards is crucial for ushering in a fresh start, conveying warmth, and fostering connections. Among various apps, Promeo stands out as the premier choice for crafting personalized New Year e-cards. With its diverse and visually appealing templates, especially the dynamic video options, Promeo provides an intuitive platform for creating heartfelt greetings, making it the go-to app for a memorable start to the new year.

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