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How to Add Text to Video with Title Designer | PowerDirector Video Editing Tutorial

Adding titles can effectively increase the overall appeal of your video. PowerDirector’s Title Designer gives you all the tools you need to create unique animated titles – now with over 120 video effects available.

Create a Title with Title Designer

Enter the Title Room to add title effects to your ongoing production.
Click >Text only and add a title template to the timeline.

The Title Room contains a variety of title templates, including a wide-range of themes to choose from. The templates allow you to add credits and comments to your productions with ease. For the title text, there are a few different options, including: 2D, 3D-like and 3D text.

Modifying Text Properties

Double click the title on the timeline and which will open up the Title Designer.

Character Presets provides several design templates you can select and directly apply to your text.

Double click on the text box to enter the text. Next, go to the Font/Paragraph section to set the font type, size, and color.


Adding Shadow, Border and Backdrop Effect to the Text

Enable the Shadow or the Border option so you can add a shadow or a border around your text.

By selecting the Backdrop option you can choose two types of backdrop to add to the text, making your text stand out in the video.

To optimize your Fill type, you can adjust the Uniform Color, 2 Color Gradient or Texture to determine the most suitable backdrop.


Adding Text Animation

In addition to applying character presets, you can also add animation to a title effect. PowerDirector 17 contains lots of effect animations that you can apply to the beginning or the end of the text as it displays in your production.
First, go to the Effect tab.

The Text Designer offers several templates for you to set the Starting Effect and Ending Effect of your title. You can also adjust the length of  the effect in the timeline.


Adding Special Effects to the Text

PowerDirector 17 provides 6 types of Special Effects to make your text even more appealing. Now you can spice up your video with spectacular textual effects, such as neon, lightning and fire. In the Effect tab, select your preferred effect and adjust the size, color, density and opacity. After you’ve finished editing, click OK.

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