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Adding effects to your videos

This tutorial will show you how to apply effects to your videos. PowerDirector has over different 100 effects for your images and video clips. Each effect has unique attributes, allowing you to customize and create impressive videos.

Drag a Video Effect onto the Effect Track

1. Click fx button to enter the Effect room.

2. Drag the Magic Star effect to the effect track, and then click the Modify button to customize its settings. The position of the effect on the timeline is related to the media clips in the track above, hence showing when and where the effect will take place. You can choose to reposition or adjust the duration of the effect according to your preference.

3. Customize the effect to your liking. Some effects also have 3D controls, where you can use the slider to set your preferred amount of 3D depth.

Adding Multiple Effects to Media Clips

1. To add multiple video effects to an entire media clip, select an effect in the Effect Room and drag it to a video track; then simply drop it on top of the media, PiP object, or title effect clip to apply the effect.

2. Drag another effect onto the clip, and then click the Effect button above the timeline to modify the effect setting.

3. In the Effect Settings panel you can customize the added effects. Click an effect name on the left, and the effect's attributes display in the panel on the right. To remove an effect, simply untick the checkbox to remove the effect from the list.

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