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How to Add Animated Graphics With The PiP Designer

Spice up your videos by adding a Picture in Picture object with the PiP Designer. A PiP object can serve as animated graphics in your video – with everything from customizable fonts to animations. This tutorial will show you how to use the PiP Designer.

Add a PiP Object

1. Enter Video Overlay (PiP Objects) Room and drag a PiP object to the timeline.

2. Select the PiP object, and then click PiP Designer to modify the PiP object.

3. Customize the object by adding a border or shadow effect.

4. In Object Settings you can change the basic properties of the PiP media. Use the Scale to change the size of your PiP object, or you can adjust the X and Y position fields to adjust the location of the PiP media in the video. You can also add keyframes to manually create the motion of the PiP media.

5. Click OK to save and apply settings.

6. To make the animated PiP objects fit the length of your clip, press Ctrl while dragging the clip. Dragging the clip without pressing Ctrl will change the length of PiP object without maintaining animation effect.

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