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Create a Slideshow Video with Motion Templates | PowerDirector Video Editing Tutorial

In most cases, people take more photos than videos on their trips. Photos can be taken with smartphone, camera or DSLR. PowerDirector provides an easy way to create multimedia slideshows using your photos.
Upon launching PowerDirector, you will see some different mode, if you want to create a photo slideshow, click on the Slideshow Creator.

Step 1: Import Your Photos

You can either click on  and select the files or folder you would like to import, or simply drag and drop the desired photos or folders into the media window.

If you would like to delete a photo, simply select the photo and click on  to delete it.

If you wish to change the sequence of photos, click on a photo thumbnail and drag it to the location in the window where you want it.

When all settings are done, click on Next.

Step 2: Select a Slideshow Template

PowerDirector includes several photo slideshow templates for you to choose from. Here we select the Motion template.
To add background music, click  .

Click on  for detail configurations.

In Slideshow Preferences, you can set:

Duration: Either have the photo slideshow length fit the music, or have the music length fit the slideshow.
Sequence: Timeline order means that the photos will be arranged in the slideshow by their order in the "Source" window. You can also choose to have the photos appear in the slideshow in order based on date & time taken. 
Detect Face: When there are faces in the photo, slideshow can automatically zoom or crop the photo to emphasize the face.

Then click Next.

Step 3: Preview Your Video

You can preview your video by clicking 
If you wish to change the sequence of photos in your slideshow, click on 

You can adjust the duration time of each photo.

You can also use keyframe to create the panning effect of your photos.

Step 4: Export Your Video

When everything is done, you can produce your slideshow video. PowerDirector provides 3 production options:
Produce Video: Output your video to a file, device or upload it to the internet.
Create Disc: Create and burn to DVD, Blu-ray or AVCHD discs.
Advanced Editing: Continue editing with PowerDirector's Timeline interface.
You can select Advanced Editing if you wish to do further editing in PowerDirector, for example, adding a stylish title, overlaying some PiP animation or Particle Effects.

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