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Getting Smart with PowerDirector Chroma Key Green Screen: This Tutorial Will Show You How to Use This Simple Effect in Your Videos and Home Movies

CyberLink’s PowerDirector has a lot going for it, including the fastest rendering engine, 360-degree video editing, AI Style transfers, and 4K content editing. One classic feature in this program is the ability to perform green screen chroma key editing, an effect used to change out the backgrounds of videos.

Chroma key editing is not just for Hollywood blockbusters anymore. Now it’s easy for anyone to use thanks to software like PowerDirector. Watch this tutorial on using chroma key, and follow these pro tips below to keep the process simple, fast & effective.

Place Your Tracks Wisely

Whether you’re wanting to use an animated fantasy setting as a background or even just a picture of your backyard, you’ll want to order the footage with the foreground on the second track and the background on the first.

By layering the footage you want in the right order, you’ll even be able to have scenes made from a composite of multiple images and videos. The green screen chroma key works by removing areas of footage and allowing the media below them to show through. If you’re using a still image, just stretch its length of time to match up with the duration of your video clips.

By keying your background, you can put yourself in a house you’ve never been to. Then by keying out the window, you could put that house on the Moon!

Use the Mask Designer

Once you have your tracks in place, click on the “Designer” drop-down menu and select “Mask Designer” so you can create your background.

Once the mask is in place, adjust the grab-points as needed to omit any shadows or pesky things from the footage track so it’s just your character and the green background.

Use the PiP Designer

This is in the Designer drop-down menu as well. This is where you select the green screen chroma key option. Once you’ve checked the box, you’re likely to see your character overlapping with your background image. Use the eye-dropper function and select from the green background close to your character. This will fill in your background.

Adjust Your Settings on the Selected Track

This is where you sharpen your subject. Once you’ve selected the option in the PiP designer to isolate the track, you can then make sure everything in the green background is now perfectly transparent. You can do this by adjusting the different bars on the left side of the PiP designer. Once you’ve made the adjustments to where you’re satisfied with your image, you should be set.

And there you have it! Now that you know how to use PowerDirector’s green screen chroma key option, you’ll be ready to impress with any background you want. Start today with a free trial.

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