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Royalty-Free Stock Media to Create YouTube and Marketing Videos

Whether you’re creating a video to promote your business, highlight a recent travel adventure, or just create a video to impress your friends, there is usually a need for background music and other stock media clips to fill in some of the audio visual experience. Without music, video can feel empty and incomplete. Without stock videos and photos, marketing videos can fall flat, fail to convey your message and lose the attention of your audience.

A common question people Google when editing videos is “Where can I get royalty free media?” There are many choices available online, but most of them can be quite expensive, especially when you start adding up multiple assets. And if you’ve ever seen free stock media resources, they are both scarce and the media choices available are quite limited, making the search for the right media seem hopeless.

Well search no more, as PowerDirector has all the video editing resources you need to make the exact videos you want. With a PowerDirector 365 subscription you get unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of royalty free videos, photos, and music tracks you can use in your videos for YouTube or for your business website.

Below is a quick peak at some of the royalty video, sound effects, music and photos that are available in PowerDirector.

Royalty Free Media From Shutterstock

A PowerDirector 365 subscription now includes access to hundred thousands stock media files from Shutterstock. Shutterstock is the leading provider of high-quality royalty free stock photos, videos, and music, which you can now use in your PowerDirector video projects to create your business, travel, or other videos.

Royalty Free Music from Shutterstock

Did you know that the most searched for type of royalty free media is music? This is because music can make or break any video, and it can be a chore to find the right tracks for specific videos and if you plan on putting your video in a public or commercial setting, you must have the rights to use the music. In PowerDirector 365 you can choose from hundreds of royalty free background music tracks from Shutterstock. Background music that is sure to elevate any video.

Royalty Free Stock Videos from Shutterstock

From videos of a business setting, to shots at the beach, to videos of cars and animals, to videos of people doing all kinds of tasks, the royalty free videos from Shutterstock cover virtually anything you can think of. With tens of thousands of stock videos available for download in PowerDirector, you are sure to find what your video needs to be complete and fit to your specific business or personal video editing preferences.

Take a look at this example video created partly with some stock video and music from Shutterstock to see what you can accomplish when editing your videos with PowerDirector 365.

Royalty Free Stock Photos from Shutterstock

The sheer quality and variety of Shutterstock photos available for your PowerDirector projects are sure to leave you breathless. Choose from the hundreds of thousands of royalty free photos in PowerDirector 365 to blow up your promo videos or enhance your YouTube intro videos.

To get a taste of what you can expect from the Shutterstock photos available in PowerDirector, check out this collage video made with royalty free photos and music you can download right now with a subscription to PowerDirector 365.

Royalty Free Videos and Music From CyberLink

Not only do you get unlimited access to the royalty free Shutterstock media with a PowerDirector 365 subscription, you get access to stock video clips and hundreds of background music tracks and royalty free sound effects from CyberLink.

Variety is the spice of life, and your business and travel videos are sure to have that extra bit of pizzazz when edited with all the royalty free media available in PowerDirector 365. Check out this example video that was made with royalty free stock video and background music available with your PowerDirector 365 subscription.

All the Video Editing Resources You’ll Need

You get a lot more than royalty free media with your PowerDirector 365 subscription, as it is just part of what you need to create effective videos for any purpose.

You also get access to the continuously expanding library of video transitions, titles, LUT packs, and many more types of effects. Go download the free version of PowerDirector now so you can try it out and start making videos that get noticed.

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