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Introducing PowerDirector 15

PowerDirector 15 has just been released and in this tutorial we will give you a brief walkthrough of PowerDirector 15’s new and enhanced features, including the addition of vertical 9:16 video, an updated Mask Designer, brand new Blending Effect, and a key new feature: PowerDirector now supports 360° video editing!

Now, let’s have a quick look at each feature:

360° Video Editing

With more and more 360° cameras entering into the market, we would like to provide you with powerful yet easy to use editing software, which can turn your 360° footage into amazing 360° video! PowerDirector supports all major 360° camera brands and you can easily use PowerDirector to edit footage, add effects, titles and PiP animated objects, then upload and share them directly on YouTube or Facebook!

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    Using 360° to 2D View Designer

    New design tools – Blending Effect and Mask Designer

    To make your videos look even more awesome, we’ve added 2 new designer tools: Blending Effect and Mask Designer. Blending Effect allows you to blend a video texture onto your to video, which enhances the richness of your video. We’ve also enhanced our Mask Designer, which is now an easy to use tool that can mask text and images and even provides the capability of controlling masks using Keyframe.

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    Support of 9:16 vertical video

    As many users are now recording vertical videos with their Smartphones, PowerDirector 15 now supports 9:16 vertical video format, so you can import and edit, then directly upload and share to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo straight from PowerDirector!

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