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Making Trip Videos with the Theme Designer

If you want to quickly create a distinctive and professional looking video, the Theme Designer is here for you. It has dozens of built-in theme templates that can be customized any way you like in order to achieve the desired sequence and effects. This is extremely suitable for creating fast-paced video production.

Selecting theme templates

First select the suitable theme templates or mix them with other sequences.

1. Click on the plug-ins button, and then select Theme Designer.

2. Choose Theme Template.

3. Click on to preview the content of each sequence.

4. Click on the name of the theme template to return to the theme template menu.

5. Select your preferred theme templates, and then click OK.

Importing media

You can import photos and videos, and then apply theme templates to them.

1. Click on .

2. Select the photos to be imported, and then click Open.


Media can only be imported as individual files, not in a folder.

3. The imported media is displayed on the left.

4. Click Import Media again, select the video files you want, and then click Open.

5. Use to quickly add your media into the sequence.


If there are more media files than sequence media slots available, a notification window will pop up to let you know.

Adding sequences

If there are not enough sequences for all the media files you want to use, you can add some more.

1. Click to add sequences (or theme templates). to quickly add your media into the sequences.

2. Choose Middle.

3. Select your preferred sequence, and then click OK.

4. Click and drag a sequence to adjust its order.

Extra information

To remove a sequence, right click on it and then select Remove selected template.

Extra information

5. Click on the newly added sequence, and then drag your desired media file to one of its media slots.

6. Sort your media files, and then drag a video file to a sequence's media slot.

Editing videos

You don't have to edit your video files before importing them. You can do it from within the Theme Designer.

1. Click the scissors icon on the thumbnail in the sequence content area.

2. Adjust the yellow marker on the left to where you want the video clip to start, and then click .

Extra information

You can import both photos and videos into the sequences, but only those that support videos will display the scissors icon.

3. Click OK.

4. You can use the same method to edit other video clips.

Applying special effects

With the Theme Designer, you can apply effects to photos and videos to create a different atmosphere.

1. Switch to the Effect tab.

2. Drag the selected effect on top of the media clip.

3. Click on fx to modify the effect settings.

Extra information

You can apply multiple effects to the same media clip.

4. Modify the parameters of the effect, and then click OK.

5. Click OK when you finish your adjustments.

6. Now you can preview the video you produced with the Theme Designer.


If you wish to edit the Theme Designer sequences, double click on Theme Designer object on timeline to re-enter the Theme Designer editing interface.

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