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How to Edit a Green Screen Video in PowerDirector

In the film industry, it is quite common to use a blue or green screen as the background of the scene. These colors are suitable for Chroma-keying, making it easier to adjust or change the background without altering the foreground.

In this Chroma Key tutorial we will show you how to use this simple effect to remove the background of a video and then composited over another scene or image.

Import Your Green Footage to the Timeline

Drag the green screen footage onto the second track of the timeline and drag the background video onto the first track.

Using the Chroma Key to Remove the Green Color

Double click on the green screen footage which will open up the PiP Designer.

Enable the Chroma Key and click on the eye dropper to select the color area you would like to remove.

You can adjust the Color Range and Denoise setting to ensure all green areas are smoothly removed.

If your green screen footage has different shades of green, you can click on   to select a different color range for better results.

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