How to Edit Out Someone in a Photo With the Best AI Object Remover

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Whether it’s a photobomber or a friend you no longer speak to, sometimes you want to cut them out of the picture. An AI removal tool, like PhotoDirector’s object remover, makes the process faster and fills in the space for you. Keep reading to find out how to edit out someone in a photo and get a clean look — with only the people you want to see.

Introduction to Editing People Out of Pictures

You don’t want to see other people in the background of your vacation pics. Likewise, it can be hard to look back on pictures of a past relationship, whether it’s your ex or a friend you haven’t spoken to since that big fight.

By learning how to edit someone out of a photo, you can keep the best part of any photo. But you need to know how to do it right to keep the photo quality and enjoy looking at it long after you make your edits.

Advanced Techniques to Editing Someone Out of a Photo

Photo editing apps use a lot of different methods to make sure your final image is even better than the original. Here are a few techniques they use:

  • Frequency separation
  • This retouch method separates color and texture to refine your images and create a clearer picture.

  • Advanced masking
  • You want to prevent patchy, pixelated transitions in your photos. Using layer masks and blending modes, this technique creates a cohesive image that pleases the eye.

  • Content-aware fill
  • Even the pros use AI-powered features, and with this one, the tool fills in the space when you edit someone out of the picture. It uses the surrounding pixels to form a seamless, intelligent image.

PhotoDirector — Best Free App To Edit Someone Out of a Photo

an original image of a girl standing at the street and the passersby removed image

PhotoDirector’s AI tools are easy to use and free for iOS and Android. You can decide how much manual editing you want to do and have complete control over your final product. The AI removal feature lets you refine your editing area, and once you brush at the area, it will remove any people you don’t want in your picture.

Three Ideas to Photoshop Someone Out of a Photo

PhotoDirector can remove anyone, whether they’re right beside you or off in the background. Here are a few ways it can create a clean photo and keep you as the focus.

1. Remove Ex

an original couple photo and the guy removed photo edited by PhotoDirector

Just because you broke up doesn’t mean you stopped looking great in those photos with your ex. With PhotoDirector, you can erase them from your photos, so you keep only the best memories of your vacation or night out.

2. Remove Photobombers

an original photo of two people playing tug of war and a photobomber standing at back and the photobomber removed photo edited by PhotoDirector

You took the perfect photo of yourself, but someone snuck into the background and ruined it. PhotoDirector salvages what’s important — you —and edits out the unwelcome person behind you in a photo, so you don’t have to retake the pic.

3. Remove Tourists

an original photo of Tsim Sha Tsui station and 2 tourists and the tourists removed photo edited by PhotoDirector

When you go on vacation, tourists can get in the way of your beautiful landscape or significant view spot. PhotoDirector removes them so that you can keep the focus on the stunning colors of the mountains, the sparkle of the ocean, and the beauty of each landmark.

Learn More About Editing Out Someone in a Photo:

How to Edit Out Someone in a Photo with PhotoDirector

When you download PhotoDirector, you have instant access to its AI tools. Just choose the AI Removal feature and brush over the people you want to remove. Then, save your improvements before you share your photos!

1. Download PhotoDirector – The Best Object Remover

PhotoDirector gives you a collection of photo editing tools, from retouch features to AI Enhance, which gives your image an instant upgrade. You can conveniently edit any image with this all-in-one tool when you download it from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Tap “AI Removal”

launcher of PhotoDirector and highlight the AI Removal feature

From the main screen, tap AI Removal with the eraser icon. You can also explore other AI tools, like the AI Avatar and cartoon yourself features, which let you see yourself in other art styles and environments.

With AI Enhance, you can improve your photo quality and bring out fine details with one tap or use the unblur tool to give your photo clarity. Whether you want to create a clean ID photo or a collage with your favorite memories, PhotoDirector has the tools you need.

3. Brush the People

an original photo of a kid riding a  scooter in a forest with autumn leaves and the kid removed photo edited by PhotoDirector

Brushing over the people you want to get rid of is the most work you’ll have to do in the removal process. Adjust the brush size using the slider and drag your finger over the people you want to remove. While the tool will fill in areas you might have missed, you can use the eraser to refine it for the most accurate finish.

4. Save the Clean Photo

Now, you can download the photo to your album to look back on later! If you want to share the new and improved version with your friends, you can do that from PhotoDirector by tapping the logo for the platform where you want to show it off.

More Things You Can Remove From a Photo

Along with removing people and objects, PhotoDirector has other tools to help you share better-quality photos. Try these features when you want to clean up or enhance your pictures.

FAQs for How to Edit Out Someone in a Photo

1. Why would you need to edit someone from a photo?

Knowing how to edit people out of your photos comes in handy when you want to remove:

2. Are there any mobile apps available for removing people from photos?

Apps like PhotoDirector and Promeo can help you remove people and objects with their AI-powered tools. PhotoDirector’s AI Removal tool uses smart technology to fill in the spaces after you remove someone, too.

3. Is it possible to remove someone from a group photo without affecting the background or other people?

Yes, but you need to either have advanced photo editing skills or use an app that knows how to fill in the space automatically. PhotoDirector uses the context of the photo to create a natural background with a seamless edit.

4. Can I remove someone from a photo if they’re partially obstructing an object or another person?

AI removal tools can fill in the areas the removed person obstructs, whether it’s part of a building or another person in the group. The right app uses techniques like frequency separation, advanced masking, and content-aware fill to do it for you.

5. What can I edit out of a photo besides people?

With PhotoDirector’s AI Removal tool, you can edit out:

6. What is the best app to edit out someone in a photo?

Download PhotoDirector-the best free photo editing app to edit out someone in a photo

PhotoDirector has manual editing tools, or you can let the app do the hard work for you. Its adjustable editing area makes editing someone out in a photo convenient, and it replaces the area left behind with a natural background.

Download PhotoDirector — The Best App to Edit Someone Out of a Photo

an original photo of a couple and the guy removed photo edited by PhotoDirector, also enhance the photo by upscaling quality and applying portrait tools

When you want to keep the best parts of your photo but want to cut out your ex or those tourists in the background, PhotoDirector’s AI Removal tool can help. It only takes a few seconds, and you know you’ll get a seamless result with the app’s advanced techniques.

Once you’ve explored its removal tools, try creating a new profile pic with the AI Avatar feature or turn yourself into an anime character with the AI Anime tool. You can enhance your photo quality with the deblur and AI Enhance tools or spruce up your photos for professional and personal sharing. Download PhotoDirector free for iOS or Android to see how far you can take your photos!

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